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All our products are made with care and quality within factories respecting the European social and environmental regulations. Our factories respect the REACH norm. 90% of the products are made in Portugal, country historically with great knowledge in textile and, in particular with the knitwear. Tights, jewelry and stationery are made in France.




The forms are drawn , sent to Portugal to build the prototype. Emile et Ida’s touch: that our children can move, run, jump… whilst staying chic. We are particularly taking an important interest to these little details that make the difference and the children’s choice.  Anyway, a right dose of style and comfort in order for our children feel good and beautiful.



We are bringing a great care on the selection of the materials in order for them to be very very very… soft. The cotton knitwear (tee-shirt and legging material) in particular, is scrubbed, rolled for an exceptional touch. We are calling it “ jersey cuddly toy” because the material is as soft as our children’s cuddly toys… Some of them already adopted it…..like their favorite cuddly toys. In winter, our sweats are in cotton and wool for our children to be warm. But the wool scrubs? Not at all at Emile et Ida. This material is made in order for it to not scrub thanks to the cotton thread coats the wool. Our thin polo-neck sweater keeps the softness and the warmness of the wool whilst staying thin. The products are systematically washed after the manufacture in order for it to be flexible and nice to wear. Most of the materials come from Portugal in order to avoid transportation. Only the prints are imported from England because they come from, for most of them, the famous label "Liberty". Indeed, an important number of our print are real Liberty, with known knowledge and unique for multiples colors prints and unequalled fineness and refinement.



Before the manufacture, the model maker defines a support and a grading scale for each size. Each piece of the support is , cut in the material and put together. The firsts “head of series” are cut , tried on children in order to see if everything is well adjusted. ,, the products are manufactured by couturier specialized in fashion. Finally, the products are checked and sorted in order for the second choices (stain, hole…) to be eliminated of the production



The products are carried by truck from Portugal to France




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